How to get a refund from Ticketmaster (2023)

How do you receive a refund from Ticketmaster? For Jennifer Hu and her husband, the answer is: you can't.

The couple spent $481 on tickets to a concert by pianist and composer Joe Hisaishi earlier this year, but organizers postponed the event.

Ticketmaster gave the couple 30 days to accept the new show date or receive a full refund. But Hu couldn't make up his mind and soon found himself with two non-refundable tickets to a new date.

Could Ticketmaster keep your money? Not if I have anything to say about it.

I'll show you how Hu got a refund from Ticketmaster - and how you can too. I'll also share an exciting story about what Ticketmaster is trying to do on sites like this one to post useful information.

Why do they want a refund from Ticketmaster?

Hu and her husband, who live in San Diego, were married earlier this year. They are big fans of Joe Hisaishi and have planned their honeymoon around a show on January 27th in New York.

But a week before their honeymoon, they received disappointing news. Hisaishi had postponed the concert to August 17th. Ticketmaster gave them 30 days to decide whether to accept the new show or request a refund.

"Since we still wanted to see the show, we didn't ask for a refund at the time and were hoping to get back to New York to see it," she says. “Flights to New York are too expensive right now to go back to see the show. I requested a refund from Ticketmaster. They refused."

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Ticketmaster'srefund rules for postponed eventsonly a few words:

If your notice indicates that your event has been rescheduled, postponed or transferred, you will: (a) keep your ticket and any additional add-ons or upgrades, which remain in effect; or (b) if the Event Organizer has approved refunds (or the option to choose between refund and credit), as explained in your notice, you may choose either Credit or refund. Such credit or refund, if chosen, is provided solely by the Event Organizer and not by Ticketmaster.

In other words, it's up to the promoter to offer a refund and attach any conditions, such as the 30-day decision window. Ticketmaster, as a ticket reseller, will enforce these rules - which it did with Hu.

What are Ticketmaster's refund rules?

Generally, tickets purchased through Ticketmaster are non-refundable. But there are some exceptions.

  • If organizers cancel your event, you're usually entitled to a refund. The event organizer may also offer a credit for future use.
  • Event organizers may offer a new date or credit if they postpone the show. You may have limited time to decide which one to accept. If you don't make a decision, your tickets will usually be rolled over to the new date - and no refunds will be issued.
  • There are no exceptions for hardship, extenuating circumstances or even death of the ticket holder, as per Ticketmaster's refund rules. However, our team of lawyers knows how to deal with them on a case-by-case basis.

How to request a refund from Ticketmaster

If the event organizer cancels your show, Ticketmaster will process a refund for you. You do not need to do anything.

Normally, Ticketmaster will send you an email to inform you of the cancellation. All you have to do is wait for your refund, which will appear in about two weeks via your original payment method.

If the promoter postpones a show, Ticketmaster will notify you of the new dates, usually via email. At that point, the dates on your tickets change to the new yield. Your online account will have a refund option if you are unable to attend.

Here are the steps:

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  • Log in to your Ticketmaster account.
  • Click "My Account" (the person icon).
  • On the left side of the screen, click on 'My Tickets'.
  • Select the event you wish to receive a refund for and click on 'View Details'.
  • Select "Refund".
  • Then select the tickets you want to refund.

It takes about two weeks to receive your refund.

Can you negotiate a refund with Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster's refund policy is strict and there are no exceptions, as I mentioned. But Ticketmaster makes exceptions. I know this because I've dealt with many of these requests:

  • For example, during the pandemic,Linda Popky has requested a refund for her tickets to an Eagles concert, citing health concerns. Ticketmaster issued a refund after emailing one of the executives.
  • Barbara Davenport has also had health issues related to COVID. So when Lady Gaga's concert was cancelled, andTicketmaster claimed it missed its 30-day window, I asked the company for help. He returned her tickets.
  • Even before the pandemic, Ticketmaster showed some flexibility, as with Michael Seldin after he took overtwo bad seats at a Brad Paisley concert in Orlando. Seldin used his Ticketmaster contacts to negotiate a deal.

In short: Ticketmaster's terms are comprehensive and do not allow for special circumstances when it comes to refunds. You must negotiate the refund.

More tips for getting a Ticketmaster refund

There are more ways to get a refund when purchasing your event tickets through Ticketmaster.

Ask the organizer

Ticketmaster is a distributor and generally requires approval from an event organizer before issuing a refund. If Ticketmaster refuses to refund your ticket, you may contact the promoter directly to request a one-time exception.

Invocation of state law

Many US states have strict rules on event ticket refunds. For example, in New Jersey, if a ticket broker guarantees delivery of tickets to a buyer but fails to deliver the tickets, the ticket brokeris required to provide a full refund.

Get in touch with regulatory authorities

State regulators are particularly receptive to residents who cannot receive a refund after a postponement or cancellation. During the pandemic, several states announced settlement agreements with brokerages. In Pennsylvania, the state attorney general recently announcedaccording to RYADD, Inc., which sells tickets through TicketsOnSale and OnlineCityTickets, for alleged violations of Pennsylvania consumer protection laws.

Authorities are playing hardball with ticket brokers. But ticket brokers are fighting back.

Apparently, Ticketmaster doesn't want its customers to negotiate any more refunds. I know this because last month I received emails from her law firm.

Lawyers first asked that we delete the numbers and email addresses of Emily Wall, Ticketmaster's Global Vice President, Ethics & Compliance and CEO Michael Rapino.


My research team and I reviewed the contacts and found that we had posted a cell phone number for one of the executives, which we removed. We do not publish personal information, such as home and cell phone numbers, on our website.

But that wasn't enough.

The lawyers replied:

We appreciate your response and your willingness to remove "personal information such as home phone number or personal cell phone number".

However, we must reiterate our request that you also remove the rest of the information in the "Executive Contacts" section of your website located at, as this is also evidence guys .

As you may know, California privacy laws regulate the disclosure of personal information, including personal and work email addresses and business contact information that could be used to directly or indirectly identify an individual.

Disclosure of information provided about Melba Rodriquez, Emily Wall and Michael Rapino violates these laws.

Also, while we appreciate the service you provide consumers through your website, we again note that these people have nothing to do with customer service and therefore will not "escalate a customer service issue when normal channels not work", as mentioned in his email.

Lawyers asked that we remove all names, numbers, and email addresses, adding that "clients will not receive responses if they use the executive's contact information."

I'll let you know how I responded to them once we've reached the conclusion of Hu's case.

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Here's what happened to Hu's Ticketmaster refund case

I thought Hu had a shot at a full refund. She planned her honeymoon around the show. He had tried to set a new date for the show. Ticketmaster's refund rules didn't solve her problem, but I thought her point was worth supporting.

I shared the Ticketmaster executive's contacts with her. That's right, the names of Melba Rodriquez, Emily Wall and Michael Rapino and their emails and phone numbers.

Contact them.

"I was able to make an exception and they gave me a full refund," he says. "Thanks for your help!"

So, should we comply with Ticketmaster's request to remove the names of all its executives?

Here is how I responded to the lawyers:

As you can imagine, we receive many requests to remove information on the site and we are aware of our rights to publish this information.

However, I have been following your client's recent issues in the media and would like to ensure that all escalations are forwarded to the correct person.

If you give us the correct person's name and number, I will consider updating the information.

And here's my point: We have a First Amendment right to release our database of executive contacts. E-mails, phone numbers and names do not violate any state law.

(Video) Ticketmaster changes online policy for resold tickets

Ticketmaster is dealing with the fallout from the Taylor Swift ticket fiasco and is trying to clear the names of its executives from the internet.

In fact, exact company contacts posted on this site get results, as evidenced by cases like Hu's.


Is it possible to get a refund from Ticketmaster? ›

You'll see a Request Refund link in your online account. After you've submitted your refund request and the funds are received from the Event Organizer, your refund will be processed to the original method of payment used when you purchased the tickets. No action is required to receive your refund.

Why is Ticketmaster not allowing me to request a refund? ›

As a general rule, all ticket sales are final and non-refundable. Policies set forth by Event Partners, prohibit us from issuing exchanges or refunds after a purchase has been made or for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets.

How long does Ticketmaster take to refund? ›

Once the funds have been approved and received from the Event Organizer, we'll process your refund to the original method of payment used at time of purchase — usually within 30 days.

How do I actually speak to someone at Ticketmaster? ›

Ticketmaster Customer Service Phone Number (800) 653-8000, Email, Help Center.

Can I dispute concert tickets? ›

Since it was the artist's and/or promoter's decision to postpone the show, they generally will allow refunds to those who request such. And for a complete cancellation of a show, obviously, all ticketholders become eligible for a refund.

How do I get a refund from ticket Center? ›

All sales are final. There are no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. All prices are listed in US Dollars." Below the terms, our customer's order total breakdown is reiterated.

How can I sell my tickets when Ticketmaster won't let me? ›

If you are unable to sell your Ticketmaster tickets on the site, you may want to try selling them through a secondary ticket marketplace. Sites like StubHub and Vivid Seats allow users to sell tickets for a variety of events, including concerts and sporting events.

Can you dispute a charge on Ticketmaster? ›

Under the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), the law that protects credit card customers, you can dispute purchases for products or services you ordered but didn't receive.

Can you transfer Ticketmaster tickets to another date? ›

Sign into your team or venue's Account Manager account ([team name]/). Go to your events, select the event you're transferring tickets for, then click Transfer. If the Transfer button is grayed out, your tickets aren't eligible for transfer. Select the tickets you'd like to transfer.

Do you get money straight away from Ticketmaster? ›

We'll deposit your payout typically within 5-7 business days after your tickets are sold. If your tickets sell by barcode, we'll deposit your payout typically within 5-7 business days after the event takes place.

Why does Ticketmaster take so long to respond? ›

Conversation. We are incredibly busy answering your questions and queries, that means response times may be a bit longer than usual. If you have submitted a contact form via your account we'll be in touch as soon as possible! Don't worry, we'll be in touch in good time before your event!

How long does it take for Ticketmaster resale? ›

You can expect to receive payment within 10 working days of the event taking place. The payment can then take up to 3-5 working days from then to show in your account and will come from Adyen.

How long does Ticketmaster block you? ›

This is a security measure in place on our site to prevent automated ticket-buying bots from using the site. Blocks instated for this reason are usually lifted after 24 hours.

Does Ticketmaster require phone number? ›

To enhance your experience and fight against malicious technology, we're asking you to verify your phone number. This simple step provides an extra layer of verification that helps us separate real human fans from bots. Why does Ticketmaster require a phone number on my account?

Can you buy Ticketmaster tickets over the phone? ›

National Ticketmaster Express number: 1-866-448-7849

Ticketmaster Express, Ticketmaster's national IVR automated phone line, is a quick and easy self-service method of buying tickets. This line is available 22 hours each day, 7 days a week!

Can I dispute a credit card charge that I willingly paid for? ›

Disputing a credit card charge

Bad service and service not rendered are also eligible reasons to dispute a charge, even if you willingly made the purchase. For example, if you purchase something online that shows up broken, your credit card issuer can assist with getting your money back.

Can the tickets be refunded? ›

If the train is marked as "CANCELLED" in Passenger Reservation System (PRS) due to breaches, floods, accidents etc., full refund is permissible in case the ticket is cancelled within three days of the scheduled departure of the train.

Can I dispute non refundable tickets? ›

Note: While airlines are not required to issue a refund for non-refundable tickets, they are free to do so or they may issue a credit or travel voucher for future use on the airline.

How to cancel Ticketmaster tickets? ›

Under "Profile", select "My Tickets" Select the order you want to cancel from the list and click "Cancel" Make sure your personal information is up to date and state the reason for the cancellation. Click "Ok"

What makes a ticket non refundable? ›

Understanding 'nonrefundable'

Depending on the ticket type, often, 'nonrefundable' simply means: The airline will not give you all of your money back if you cancel (true for most basic economy tickets). The airline will not refund your ticket value as cash (it will be remitted as a voucher instead).

Can I get refund if I cancel my ticket? ›

In case the ticket is cancelled, or if the request for refund of fare is filed online after the actual departure of train, No refund of fare will be admissible.

How do you sell tickets if you can't go? ›

Sell your tickets on trustworthy resale sites.

You can sell tickets on websites that aren't dedicated specifically to event tickets, such as eBay, but remember that you'll be responsible for understanding and complying with local laws and regulations.

Why are my Ticketmaster tickets not transferable? ›

It could be for one of these reasons: The venue doesn't offer Ticket Transfer yet (we're working on that). The artist or venue turned Ticket Transfer off for that event/section. The event was canceled (ticket buyers get automatic refunds).

How much is Ticketmaster refund? ›

On March 16, 2023, the musician tweeted that Ticketmaster had agreed to offer a partial refund. Those who purchased the lowest-priced tickets through a Verified Fan account would get a $10-per-ticket refund. Those who purchased other tickets through a Verified Fan account would get a $5-per-ticket refund.

Can you get conned on Ticketmaster? ›

Ticketmaster scams have been in the news recently as more people return to live events following the pandemic. But the scary truth is that, according to recent reports [*]: Nearly 11 million Americans get scammed buying tickets each year — roughly 12% of all ticket buyers.

What is the lawsuit against Ticketmaster? ›

The lawsuit alleges Ticketmaster and its parent company were anti-competitive, imposing higher prices on fans in the presale, sale and resale market.

Can I buy tickets on Ticketmaster and then resell them? ›

Select Tickets to Sell

If you purchased tickets from Ticketmaster and the Event Organizer has enabled resale for your event, you can list your tickets from your account or enter your ticket barcode.

Does transferring tickets on Ticketmaster change the name? ›

Please note that ticket transfer does not change the name on your ticket.

How many times can you transfer tickets on Ticketmaster? ›

You can transfer as many tickets as you like. 3. Remember, the receiver's email address must be different to the sender's email address.

How long does it take Ticketmaster to email you back? ›

The Ticketmaster confirmation email is sent to the email you supplied during your booking, up to 72 hours after purchasing your tickets. If you haven't received an email confirmation please check the email that you have registered with us is the correct email address.

Should you refresh Ticketmaster waiting room? ›

Absolutely under no circumstances do you refresh the Ticketmaster page while you're in the queue!

Does Ticketmaster always allow resale? ›

Not all events or tickets are available for resale, and the resale options may be turned off or turned on at any time at the Event Organizer's discretion.

What is a Ticketmaster resale ticket? ›

Resale Tickets - Resale tickets are tickets sold by fans, season ticket holders and professional ticket brokers. On Ticketmaster, resale tickets are clearly identified, either by color or by description. The list price of a resale ticket is set by the seller and sometimes might be higher, or lower, than Face Value.

Why are my Ticketmaster resale tickets not showing up? ›

It normally takes around 48 hours for the order to be processed, and during this time you may not be able to see the order in your online account. This is normal and it will be added once the process is complete.

How long does it take for Ticketmaster to process? ›

Tickets are printed within seven days of purchase and shipped via USPS First Class Mail. Once they've been printed, we'll email to let you know they're on their way.

Can I have multiple Ticketmaster accounts? ›

Each individual email address that you use to sign into Account Manager will have a Ticketmaster account. If you use the same email address for all your accounts, you'll only have one account that can access each venue or team.

Is it safe to give Ticketmaster my Social Security number? ›

Due to new government regulations, our payment processor requires your Social Security Number in compliance with tax laws. Your information is stored securely. For more information, please read our Tax Reporting Disclosure.

Does Ticketmaster require taxpayer ID? ›

In accordance with applicable laws, for tax purposes Ticketmaster collects certain taxpayer information, including Legal Name, Address, Phone Number, and Tax Identification Number (TIN), from individuals and entities considered U.S. persons that sell tickets on our U.S. marketplaces.

Does Ticketmaster ask for phone verification? ›

When you create an account, or add a phone number to an existing account, we'll ask you to provide a number. You can select the call option and our automated system will call you with a verification code. 2. The automated voice call will provide you with your one-time code.

How do I talk to a person at Ticketmaster? ›

  1. Have tickets and need help? Sign in to chat with us. Find your order. Choose See Details or tap My Events. ...
  2. No tickets or can't sign in? Submit a form for help. Submit a form if: ...
  3. Fan Support Team operating hours. Our support reps are on hand seven days a week from 9 a.m. to midnight ET to help answer your questions.

How to view Ticketmaster tickets without app? ›

Your phone's your ticket — scan it at the venue entrance and you're in!
  1. Open a web browser app and go to
  2. Sign into your My Account.
  3. Tap the circle in the top right and tap My Tickets.
  4. Find your order and tap View Tickets to access your tickets.

Does Ticketmaster release last minute tickets? ›

Why are tickets available last minute? As the event date approaches, the Event Organizer or venue may release tickets that were previously held for the artist or team. Additionally, the venue has a better idea about which seats can be made available for sale after the stage or event area is set up.

Can I give my tickets away from Ticketmaster? ›

With Ticket Transfer, you can transfer all or some of your tickets from one Ticketmaster account to another. It's easy, safe and completely free. When you transfer tickets to another fan and they accept them, the recipient is issued a new barcode that only they can use.

Does Ticketmaster refund to PayPal? ›

If you have purchased ticket from our website using a credit card, the ticket price will be automatically refunded to the credit card you used at the time of purchase. If you have purchased ticket from our website using your PayPal account, the ticket price will be automatically refunded to your PayPal account.

Can you get a refund on plane tickets? ›

Am I Entitled to a Refund? In the following situations, consumers are entitled to a refund of the ticket price and/or associated fees. Cancelled Flight – A consumer is entitled to a refund if the airline cancelled a flight, regardless of the reason, and the consumer chooses not to travel.

How do I cancel tickets I bought on Ticketmaster? ›

Under "Profile", select "My Tickets" Select the order you want to cancel from the list and click "Cancel" Make sure your personal information is up to date and state the reason for the cancellation. Click "Ok"

How do I sell my Ticketmaster ticket to a friend? ›

Sign in to your Ticketmaster account to view your event. Click the “Sell” button to select your seats and hit “Continue” If you see a “Sell Instantly” option for selling your tickets, an offer is waiting.

How many tickets can you transfer through Ticketmaster? ›

You can transfer as many tickets as you like. 3. Remember, the receiver's email address must be different to the sender's email address.

Can you screenshot Ticketmaster tickets? ›

No. Your mobile ticket includes leading-edge technology with fraud protection, so you won't be able to use screenshots or print-outs.

Does PayPal usually refund a buyer? ›

Refunds. If an order doesn't arrive or it doesn't match the description, we'll reimburse the full cost of eligible purchases plus original shipping.

Do you get a refund if there is no game 7 Ticketmaster? ›

If a playoff series game isn't played because the series ended in less games, then refunds will be issued for the unplayed game(s). This applies to every sport with a playoff style post-season.

Does PayPal actually refund? ›

If you receive a refund, the money will return to its original payment method, such as your bank, credit card or PayPal account. If you don't receive a refund, you can lodge a dispute in your Resolution Centre. You have 180 days from the payment date to lodge a dispute.

Can non refundable tickets be rescheduled? ›

Rescheduling a nonrefundable fare to a different date is usually possible, but it most often comes with a substantial penalty charge. For passengers in some deeply discounted fare classes, like basic economy, rescheduling a nonrefundable fare is not allowed.

How much refund will I get if I cancel my flight ticket? ›

Most airlines offer 100% refund on flight tickets that are cancelled from their end. On the other hand, travellers can also request for full refund if they decide to cancel a ticket due to a change of plans.

What is refundable air ticket? ›

When you buy your airline ticket, you will likely have an option to book a refundable ticket. These are bookings you can make that can be fully refunded—or in some cases, partially—if you cancel your flight for any reason.


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